Unauthorized Merchandise Takedown
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Unauthorized Merchandise Takedown

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We're tired of sites providing safe haven for people to sell fake merchandise from artists.  So we built a tool to help us find those listings and submit copyright violation takedown demand letters.  We will execute a monthly scan of the below sites and copy you on the takedown requests that include a list of all infringements we found.

Sites Covered:

Each subscription purchase covers one artist per month.  After purchasing a subscription, please contact us here and supply the following:
1. The name of the artist to be protected
2. A signed letter authorizing Lekberg Enterprises to execute these takedown requests on your behalf.  We will send you a document to sign and return.

Please note:
-Prior to hiring us, please check with your current merch company to assure that the uses you may be seeing aren't actually licenses from them.  The above sites typically do not have licensed material on them, but if you do have active licenses in place, we will need to be made aware.
-Takedown demand letters are just that.  A demand.  Many sites honor these and we are hoping through our work to increase the number of sites that do and how quickly they do.  However, if the site is hosted in a country that does not respect US or International law, we cannot force them to remove these listings.  If they will not remove the listings, our work will provide your legal team with an itemized list of offenses and a regular cadence of requests which can be helpful if you chose to sue them.

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