About Lekberg Enterprises

You own your own music. You want control of all aspects of your career, but you still need a team to execute the production, release, distribution and marketing. This is where Lekberg Enterprises comes in. We provide hands on dedication to your release through an extensive time investment. We never work more than a few projects at a time so you are always able to reach us. We provide the same level of support and guidance that major labels offer their priority artists. We are your partner and we’re looking forward to helping you grow your career.

Why do you need us?

Not every band does. For some artists signing to a record label is the right move. You get financial and marketing support as well as the cachet of being associated with an established company and their roster. For other artists, complete control over all aspects of your release and timing is preferable. Some artists prefer to take on the financial risk of marketing in exchange for the promise of long-term residual revenue. Some artists simply want the ability to do whatever they want with their music, when they want to. Some artists feel that consolidating all of their business into one company allows them to cross revenue streams and justify executing their artistic vision exactly - which helps to build their brand overall. We are built for these artists. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves a bit higher and take on more up-front risk, we will facilitate and help you build the business you always wanted.

About the founder Jason Lekberg

Jason Lekberg is a marketing executive and entrepreneur with two decades of innovation in bleeding-edge tech and direct to consumer initiatives. 

Jason began marketing his own music projects online in the late 90s and began a career in digital marketing in the 2000s.  Beginning as Executive Account Director for the world’s first marketing company specifically representing the relationship between celebrity and social media, he helped oversee campaigns for over 150 startups.  These include Twitter, Reverbnation, Eventful, Kaltura, and many more.  He was recruited by Epic Records, a division of Sony Music, where he handled marketing for their roster which included Michael Jackson, Sara Barielles, Natasha Bedingfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Shakira and many more.  While at Epic he spearheaded their Direct To Consumer business finding new ways to use emerging technology to engage their artists fans. 

After leaving Epic, Jason joined Billboard Magazine’s #1 Independent Rock label Eleven Seven Music to rebuild and grow their digital marketing team as well as marketing.  There he and his team executed campaigns for Blondie, Motley Crue, Papa Roach and more.  In 2013 he launched his own Marketing company Lekberg Enterprises providing an industry-leading solution for artists who want to control their music and career. 

Lekberg has always continued to create music and perform live, releasing 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., acting as his own manager, booking agent, and marketing executive as well as artist.

He has spoken as both an artist and a music executive at SXSW, SXSW V2V, CMJ, NMS, SF Music Tech, A2IM, CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference, completed a speaking tour on behalf of ReverbNation and has been a mentor for the Musicians Institute.

About Andrew Maciejewski

Andrew Maciejewski is a musician and sales professional who has dedicated his life to music.  At Lekberg Enterprises he assists in all aspects and oversees the customer service teams for all clients.