From the studio to the store, and beyond. Lekberg Enterprises specializes in being a ‘label-as-a-service’ for established artists looking to take control of their career. Let us handle every aspect of your album release and marketing from production to awareness.

We Provide:
-Assistance in acquiring a distribution partner and management of that relationship
-Creation and implementation of a multi-phase marketing plan and timeline for each release
-Curation and management of the release team including radio, digital, publicity, sales, tour marketing, licensing, and strategic & integrated
-Creation and management of the total project budget and P&L
-Creation and delivery of all production and manufacturing needs including album artwork, mastered audio, metadata, UPCs and ISRCs
-Creation of all marketing materials including photoshoots, video shoots, banners,
physical ads and one-sheets
-Creation and curation of artists websites and webstores that are globally compliant for shipping and taxation
-Creation and marketing of D2C product for both pre-sales and continued revenue
-Management of artists email list and customer growth cycle
-Creation and management of artist subscription service and/or fan club
-In depth fan analysis and artist consultation to determine core and target demographic and develop a marketing message and brand identity to be used throughout the campaign
-Outreach to marketing and brand partners
-Weekly project reports delivered to all team members