From the studio to the store, and beyond. Lekberg Enterprises specializes in being a ‘label in a box’ for artists looking to take control of their career. Let us handle every aspect of your album release and marketing from production to awareness.

Brand Strategy Development
-Artist consultation to determine goals, self definition, relevance, originality and intent to determine the brand identity
-In depth fan analysis to determine artist core and target demographic
-Using all available data and learnings to develop a marketing message and brand identity that is carried through all visual, creative and messaging

Product Management
Full service, life of project product management to create, implement and drive a multi-phase domestic and international marketing plan.
-Marketing includes creating branding, strategy, timelines, and overseeing execution of the overall plan.
-Team Building and management including radio, digital, publicity, retail, touring, tour marketing, licensing, and strategic & integrated marketing.
-Working with the artists digital marketer to drive artists online strategies.
-Liaison between artists, management, label and distributor to coordinate timelines and objectives in conjunction w. artist’s management timelines (touring, album releases, book releases, press hits, etc)
-Budget creation – responsible for the creation, budgeting, and implementation of content for each release
-Work with the Label to create and monitor recording and P/L budgets for each campaign and phase.
-Find marketing partners to participate in each release

Creative Services
Oversee production and content creation – work with artists, managers, producers and creative directors to create all elements including logo, album artwork, photo shoots, music videos, etc. based upon macro album marketing initiatives and strict timelines/deadlines.
-Monitoring finished product and artwork to fulfill retail orders
-Sale/Retail 1-sheets and weekly marketing updates
-All manufacturing – layered artwork, mastering, BOM/PO w/in distributor deadlines and specs

Content created includes:
-Album Art and Design
-Music Videos
-Deluxe Content
-Direct to Consumer Deluxe Offers

International Services
Full service, life of project Ex-US product management
-Management of all Ex-US marketing plans
-Management of all budgets, as needed
-Management of all timelines to assure all are in step with the US
-Management of any Ex-US labels and their vendors

Liaise with the artists International distributor to:
-Manage all physical and digital production
-Oversee all sales and product placement

-Fully transparent collaborative reporting to allow all involved to have 24 hour access to the status of any project
-Easy to understand post-project reports that show the effectiveness and relevance to every campaign