Lekberg Enterprises is a full service marketing company specializing in digital innovation and product management to take your product from the studio to the store, and beyond. Lekberg Enterprises specializes in being a ‘label in a box’ for artists looking to take control of their career. Let us handle every aspect of your album release and marketing from production to awareness. We are skilled in branding, direct-to-consumer marketing and creating web-sized, episodic content to galvanize existing core supporters and generate brand ambassadors. We are respected for honesty and trusted by many of today’s top artists and technology companies.

About the founder:

Veritas Aequitas – Latin for Truth and Justice, the tenets of my company Lekberg Enterprises.  Who am I?  I’m Jason Lekberg, and as soon as I realized that being a fighter pilot wasn’t that much like Top Gun and Iron Eagle all I’ve wanted to do was sing.

13 years and several failed bands into my original mission I finally came to terms with the realities of the likely hood of people actually paying me to scream at things.  So I quit my 11-year career and interned my way into this crazy monster we call the music industry.  If no one was going to give me a leg-up, I was going to build my own ladder – or at the very least a few ladders for artists I love.

Over the past 10 years I’ve learned more than I could have ever imagined.  I began with a quick promotion to the Executive Account Director for the worlds first social media marketing company specializing in artist/fan interaction.  You can blame me and that team for the 75 widgets on your favorite bands Myspace page – but for what it’s worth, we defined music in social media.  Along the way I sharpened my creative thinking skills and was fortunate to develop relationships with nearly every major player in social media today.  We helped launch ReverbNation, Eventful, Twitter, Mozes and over 120 more – all through relationships with artists in every genre.

Next I jumped directly to the Major Labels in the form of a digital marketing position at Epic Records, which was followed by a promotion to Product Manager shortly thereafter.  There I learned the true inner workings of the industry of music and was fortunate to work with and develop relationships with everyone from Natasha Bedingfield, Franz Ferdinand and Sean Kingston to Judas Priest, Lamb of God, Incubus and Ozzy Osbourne.  I even got to help break a little band called The Script.

That led me to Billboards #1 independent rock label, Eleven Seven Music.  There I took the role of VP of Digital Strategy and Marketing overseeing a department of 4 who were responsible for the digital life of our entire 22 band roster as well as product management for several of our artists.  I was once again fortunate to work with amazing artists like Motley Crue, Blondie, Papa Roach, and HELLYEAH.  Our digital department was second to none and consistently kept our artists ahead of the curve.  I’m especially proud of helping to take artists like Deuce and Escape The Fate to new levels as well as discovering the amazing Midi Matilda.

Along the way I’ve built and sold out $1000 direct to fan bundles, developed and released the first ever all black-light ink printed album and helped assure many artists at least got the chance to make that next album.  I’ve spoken at SXSW, CMJ, NMS, ReverbNation panels and sat on the Digital Advisory board for the A2IM.  I’ve helped define and refine many artists’ brands though on-message, in-budget genre defining creative and marketing.  I’ve helped launch multiple new technologies by creating inventive, first-to-market promotions with the artists I’ve represented, and I’m just getting going.  All while continuing my original mission of fronting my own band.

Now it’s time for the next step in my journey.  Lekberg Enterprises allows me the ability to take all I’ve learned and apply it directly to just the artists I want to work with and can do the most good for.  It allows me to be more successful at both missions – my art and my business.

And that’s what makes Lekberg Enterprises different.  Truth and Justice.  I understand this business both from the desk and from the front seat of a 15 pass van with the back two rows out, full of gear driving through the night to make the next gig.  I’m an artist’s marketer, and I want to see us both achieve our dreams.  I offer full transparency, the expertise to get the job done right and enough elbow grease to match yours.  Let’s go take over the world.